Camp Out Prep

Grubmaster and Duty Roster Info

Attached are basic instructions for being a Grubmaster, preparing menus, and assigning duty roster for weekend campouts.  There are also links for cooking and skits.


Forest Glen Backpackers,

Please on arrive Friday at GLC by 5:30pm sharp we need to have a early departure of 6pm for a timely arrival. about 4 a hour drive time

Eat dinner at home or bring a sack lunch. We will not be stopping for dinner. We will not be using the trailer . Everything you need should be in your backpack (Double check it!) .

All the documents for the trip can be accessed through the links listed above.  The roster, schedule, map to camp. Please review and print the attached to “Be Prepared”, see what patrol you are in, regulations of the camp and … ..

Here is additional information you will need to know

On arrival we will go to the Group Campsite (see trail map)

Camping  (See  Forest Glen Info Trail Distance link above)
Permitted in established sites only

Campfires/Firewood (See  Forest Glen Info Trail Distance link above)
Campfires only permitted in existing fire pits.
Unattended fires are to be cold-out.

At Ranger Station potable .

Dispose of Waste
KYBO (pit toilet) at Campsites
Pack out all garbage

Backpacking (5miles, 15miles) Camping, Cooking backpack one pot meals.

Everyone bring

  • See attached personal gear and crew gear list .
  • Wear khaki scout shirt. Required to/from the event and for flags.
  • $20 cash we can purchase a Forest Glenn patch for $5 . Also we will be stopping for Lunch on the Sunday return trip. .   
  • Mess kit - NO paper or plastic eating utensils will be provided
  • Pen and paper
  • Rain Gear
  • 2 Water bottles   
  • Appropriate clothing (Rain/Cold Gear), see weather below 
  • Bring your tent! It rides with you to/from the campout

Weather for Forest Glen IL 10/17

Friday ~ low 41°,  50 % Chance of Rain

Saturday ~ hi 59° – low 42°, 10% Chance of Rain

Sunday ~ hi 53° – low 67° ,  0% Chance of Rain

Emergency - Dial 911

Ranger Cell Phone  1 217 304 8603

Local Hospital: Provena United Samaritans Medical Center
(217) 443-5000
, 812 N Logan Av, Danville, IL 61832     Google Map

  •  November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June

Grubmaster Guide          

Menu Planner & Duty Roster      

Shopping List     

Campfire Program Planner

Campout Schedule         

Chuckbox Inventory Guide

Scouting Cooking Links

Camporall  Cookbook          

Links  50+ Cooking Sites      

Dutch Oven-MacScouter

Our Favorite Skit Links

Three Fires Skits            

100′s of Great Skits         

MacScouter Skit Book

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